Paralysed woman walks again after 23 years

Paralysed woman walks again after 23 years

 Delia Knox, 46, became paralysed after a drunk driver hit the car in which she was travelling in on Christmas Day in 1987, and after she lost all feeling in her legs, she almost gave up hope of ever walking again.

“This has turned my world upside down. I can stand in my kitchen and walk around my house. I’m like a little kid out of a baby carriage seeing things that were once so huge now seem so small,” the Daily Mail quoted her as saying.

‘Power of God’

“I am in awe at seeing the power of God not just in my life but all over the world as a result of this miracle,” she said.

And when she attended a meeting with preacher Nathan Morris earlier this year, she had no idea that spiritual healings would be taking place.

“I wanted to get in the presence of God and to see my good friends, Pastor John and Brenda Kilpatrick. I knew it was an evangelistic meeting but I didn’t know healings were taking place,” she said.

“But Nathan Morris called my husband forward and I had no idea what was going on. I didn’t want to make a scene when Nathan was praying for me. “Then all of a sudden I felt a voice which I knew was the Holy Spirit saying to me, ‘Get up’, and I felt feeling in my legs and then faith came on me to walk.

“I was not going to let anyone take this away from me and I knew this was my night to walk out of the chair.

“I walked and walked and walked and felt I had entered another realm. I ended up on the floor and someone was touching my legs and I could feel my knees for the first time. They were bending and clicking into place,” she added.

Her “miracle moment” was filmed and has been viewed by 2,00,000 people on YouTube where it has now become a favourite clip.

The footage shows her being prayed for and lifted out of the wheelchair by the healer during a visit to the Bay of the Holy Spirit Revival in Mobile, Alabama.