Concept of nationalism different from patriotism: URA

Concept of nationalism different from patriotism: URA

Book Ananthmurthy Mathukathe: Hatthu Samasthara Jhothe, released

He was speaking on the occasion of release of book “Ananthmurthy Mathukathe: Hatthu Samasthara Jhothe,” compiled by Pattabhi Somayaji and also his 79th birthday celebrations at Nutana Ravindra Mantap in MGM College on Tuesday.

Speaking at the programme organised by Rathabeedhi Galeyaru, Udupi and Aharnishi Prakashana Shimoga, he said the spirit of nationalism gave birth to two world wars.

“It makes a human blind. We need civilisation and not nationalism. This was well understood by Gandhi and Tagore. In India, nationalism is based on Hinduism. Civilisation is the need of hour. We need humanitarian ethics,” he said and questioned, “Why should one brand writer Arundhati Roy as anti-Indian, when she has upheld Kashmiri people’s rights purely for the sake of humanitarian grounds?”

 He said capitalism is another evil that has become hazardous with the changing scenario around the globe. “Politically correct people pose threat to the civilised society. They tell truth that is absolutely false. Religion or caste system is not bad, when it is out of discrimination. Religion should make man a human until his death. We don’t find any religious head and matadhipathis following the true ideologies hidden beneath the concept of religion,” he alleged and added that most of them have turned out to be land mafia dons.

“A layman can make difference when compared to these people,” Ananthmurthy said.
Ananthmurthy called upon litterateurs and writers to create awareness through their write ups. Ideas don’t die, he said and advised people to take up culturally intellectual tasks.

“I was inspired by ‘Chomanadudi,’ a novel authored by Karanth and works of Kuvempu. I was inspired to turn towards socialism. I don’t consider myself purely a rationalist,” Ananthmurthy added.