Deoband confirms 'talaq'

Deoband confirms 'talaq'

Divorce by post

Salma’s husband Mohammad Tayyab had given “talaq” (divorce) to her through the letter, which she received a few days ago.

Tayyab had taken recourse to the “triple talaq” to divorce his wife.  The divorce given by Tayyab by way of a letter by post has been declared valid by the Islamic seminary Darul Uloom at Deoband.

Tayyab married Salma in 2007 after an affair but their relations soured soon after the marriage. Tayyab had in the meantime secured a job in a Gulf country and had moved there.
Tayyab has also written in detail about the reasons that “forced” him to give “talaq” to his wife. “Salma has no respect for my parents,” Tayyab has reportedly written in the letter.

“Salma has implicated my family members in false cases...I am left with no option other than leaving her forever,” he wrote in the letter.

According to reports, in the letter Tayyab had also procured the signatures of two other persons as witnesses.

The divorce given by Tayyab by way of a letter by post has been adjudged to be valid by the clerics of Darul Uloom.

“A triple talaq given though a letter bearing signatures of two witnesses is valid in the eyes of Islam,” said Mufti Ehsan Quasmi, a senior cleric in ‘Darul Ifta’ (the department from where fatwas are issued).

“Intention is crucial in cases involving divorce. If there is no mala fide intention, talaq is valid,” Quasmi added.

“Triple talaq” has been a subject of controversy and some Muslim clerics have held that it should be given only in extreme cases when there was no other option available.