Dosa smeared with ghee

Dosa smeared with ghee


Dosa smeared with ghee

TEMPTING Different kinds of dosas.

The place serves authentic dosa to its patrons. Started by Chinnatambhi in 2000 as a mobile canteen, this eatery has gained popularity among food lovers. “Initially, we started on a push cart. Eventually, due to great demand we shifted to a small shop. We wanted to give people the authentic taste which can’t be found in any other eatery in the City,” claims Chinnatambhi, who is also the head chef.

The speciality of this place is that they use Nandini ghee in all the dosas that they make, and that is why the joint is named Nandini Dosa Camp. “Even if the customer asks for oil instead of ghee we don’t oblige, because dosas made with ghee have a different taste,” adds Chinnatambhi.  

The variety available here is unique and special. The pudi masala dosa, pudi bath masala and pudi plain masala are a favourite among people. They are made with chutney powder which gives a crispy and spicy taste. Apart from regular masala dosa and plain dosa, there are paper masala, set dosa, pudi onion dosa, bath masala, onion dosa, open dosa, soft idlis, rice bath and plate idli served with coconut chutney and onion chutney.
This eating joint is also famous among the cine artistes. “Actors like Shivaram, Devraj and Ramesh Bhatt have relished the delicacies here. Recently, music director Gurukiran visited the place,” says Chinnatambhi.

The prices are also reasonable and the size of dosa is pretty big with a good amount of stuffing inside, which is definitely enough to fill one’s tummy. Although, there is not much place to sit and eat comfortably, people can be seen sitting on the steps or standing and enjoying their bite. The place is frequented by techies and students from colleges in and around Banashankari. Since it is open only in the evenings, customers throng the place in huge numbers.

K Srinivas, an IT professional who frequents this joint says, “I have been coming here for the last three years and the taste hasn’t changed. I love the pudi masala and masala dosa. It is convenient for bachelors like me, since we don’t have to go home and cook.”
Maneesha, a student, who visits this joint with her friends says, “I have started liking dosa after eating here. The pudi bath masala is my favourite, it has both rice and dosa in it and is very filling.”

The eatery is open between 7 pm and 10.30 pm.