2 injured in wild boar attack

It is said the wild boars attacked Rangegowdaru of Machaholalu from behind causing severe injuries while they were busy in the fields.Jayappa of Akkihebbalu was attacked by wild boars when he was grazing the cattle on the banks of river Hemavathy. He was badly injured in his thighs and being treated at a hospital.

It is said the Hosapattana forests near the village has a large population of wild boars. They stray into the nearby fields in search of food and hide in the sugar cane fields and attack the residents and farmers who pass by the fields.

It may be recalled that the leapords and hyenas were killing the cattle and other domestic animals were common earlier. The villagers said the forest officials should immediately take steps to solve the issue, otherwise it becomes inevitable to stage a protest, they warned.

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