People are high on expectations and wishes... or are just not bothered

People are philosophically accepting the problems, the joys and sorrows, the gains and losses, just everything that 2010 brought for them as nothing worse than what life offers day after day. They are, however, still praying that the end of the year would also mean an end to all the problems and difficulties faced through the year.

While some people wish to complete a long-standing dream of building houses, others are determined to finally find some means of employment. A son has been hoping to earn enough to manage to look after his parents while a father worries about finding the right match for his daughter.

School students are praying for good results while college students are keeping their fingers crossed to win the gold medal at the convocation.

Every day a new year
The poor man, however, remains unaffected by the change of year. He just continues breaking his back to earn his daily bread and share whatever he gets to his little home with his family members.

Although illiteracy denies him the privilege of knowing famous adages and sayings, he continues to follow them in order to lead a peaceful life without inviting trouble.

Hopes refreshed
The youth find the arrival of a new year a bringer of hope that things have to take a turn for the better.

“I have completed my Masters’. I was overjoyed when I received my degree and had even hoped to get employment soon doing justice to my qualification, talent and ability. I had also applied for several jobs and attended interviews. But I was not employed by anybody. I had to therefore earn a livelihood doing small jobs. How will I survive if I do not earn even enough to lead a daily life?” asks Rajashekhar, a resident of Chikkaballapur, speaking to Deccan Herald.

“I am, however, sure that 2011 will not be as disappointing as the preceding year. I intend to fulfill several of my dreams,” he added.

Farmers pray
Farmers in the villages too are rejoicing the new year. Most farmers lost land and houses due to the untimely showers in November.

That the new year brings with it happiness and prosperity that everyone lost is a prayer for most of them. Having suffered the same, it is also what they hope for one another.

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