City will have trees again, in a 100 years, may be

City will have trees again, in a 100 years, may be

5 saplings to be planted for every tree cut on Suranjan Das Road

City will have trees again, in a 100 years, may be

It has decided to plant saplings to compensate for the trees axed. The saplings are to be planted in parks and wherever space is available. On Suranjan Das Road, where hundreds of trees are to be axed for widening, the forest department has decided to plant five saplings for every tree uprooted. Krishnappa, the BBMP Deputy Conservator of Forests, said that the Palike would ensure that the saplings grew up to become huge trees.

“Since there is no provision to plant trees on either side of Suranjan Das Road, bush plants, which grow up to a height of three to four metres, will be grown on the median. Saplings will be planted on the HAL premises, tree parks and wherever possible,” said Krishnappa.

Meanwhile, it turns out that techies working in the Bagmane Tech Park wanted Suranjan Das Road to be widened for easy movement of their vehicles. That was one of the main reasons why the Tech Park is paying a quarter of the cost of the Rs 14.74-crore project.

General Manager (Liaising and Legal), Bagmane Tech Park, Ravikumar, said the project was initiated 10 years ago and it took seven years for clearance. The project is finally being executed, he said.

“A survey was conducted before initiating the project. The employees in Bagmane wanted a wider road for easy movement of vehicles. So we agreed to fund the project for our employees’ convenience,” he said.

The Tech Park houses major IT companies such as I-flex Solutions, Motorola, Texas Instruments, Cognizant Technologies, Volvo, Samsung Electronics and First Indian Corporation.

Local legislator, S Raghu, also said he supported the project right from the beginning and he had discussed with Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) and Bagmane Tech Park about the project.

“When residents here knew about the proposal for a road-widening project earlier itself, why are they objecting now? I am aware of the huge trees that will be uprooted, but it will be done keeping the future Metro projects in mind. During monsoon and peak hours, vehicles are stranded and cause major traffic jams. So there is a need for a wider road. In fact, the traffic police were one of the first to propose a wider road here,” he said.

The MLA said that to compensate for the number of trees being axed, a tree park would be created and efforts made to plant saplings on the median of the road.

As per a survey, the present peak hour traffic is 2,267 passenger car units (PCUs) on Suranjan Das Road, with 78.7 per cent of the vehicles being two-wheelers, autorickshaws and cars, while 3.6 per cent of the vehicles are buses. The traffic flow during peak hours is likely to be 3,829 PCUs in the next 15 years.

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