Theatre gets a T-20 twist!

Theatre gets a T-20 twist!

The short and snappy theatre performances, borrowed from the concept popularised by Australia's Short+Sweet theatre troupe, was presented by artists from Delhi last night at the 'Ballantine's Curtain's Up' at HOPS lounge bar here.

Catering to varied genres like comedy, romance, betrayal and murder, the funny, quirky and short performances were a treat for the city's youth who cannot often make it to sit through the long hours of a regular theatrical performance.

"In a ten-minute-theatre, the youth can easily enjoy as it requires a lesser attention span. It is like the 140-character limit we have for Twitter or the Twenty20 format of cricket," actor Ankur Sabharwal told PTI.

The plays were directed by artists from the Short+Sweet Theatre, which has won critical acclaim throughout Australia, Singapore, Malaysia and New Zealand.

The timing is the key parameter here, and so every play that exceeds the time limit is disqualified.

Before touring Kolkata, the Ballantine's 'Curtain's Up' was staged in Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore. The tour will end after its final show at Pune on Jan 16.