RSS questions 'confession' of Aseemanand

RSS questions 'confession' of Aseemanand

"...Intriguing that only persons named in alleged Hindu radicalism seem to be making 'confessions'. We have not heard of a Kasab or Afzal Guru or captured jehadi, terrorist making such a confession. Are they so tight-lipped?," the Sangh said in an editorial in its mouth-piece 'Organiser'.

The RSS editorial was a reflection on the recent alleged 'confession' of Swami Aseemanand, a key accused in the 2007 Mecca Masjid blast that killed nine people, to the CBI.

He was heading the RSS-affiliated Van Vasi Kalyan Ashram, Shabri Dham in Dangs, Gujarat.
Aseemanand has allegedly confessed to playing the role of an ideologue to the terrorists. Besides presiding over terror meetings held in Dangs and Valsad in Gujarat, he also selected Malgeaon, Ajmer Sharif and Hyderabad as terror targets.

The Sangh said in the editorial that if the agencies wanted to really unearth the plot behind the terror strikes, they would not have given "this kind of propaganda to the so-called confession of Aseemanand".

The Sangh termed the "leak" of the "confession" to the media as "politically motivated".
"Before the CBI took over the case, the Hyderabad police named HuJI, the banned outfit, to be behind the Mecca Masjid blast", it said.