When Shishupal was forgiven, why can't I be: R K Anand to SC

When Shishupal was forgiven, why can't I be: R K Anand to SC

"I've already tendered my unconditional and sincere apology. Shishupal was forgiven by Lord Krishna hundred times in the Mahabharata. My case is one," senior advocate M R Kalla, appearing for Anand, pleaded before a three-judge bench headed by Justice B Sudershan Reddy.

Anand tendered his "sincere and unqualified and unconditional apology" for all acts imputed to him in the sting operation carried out by a news channel in 2007 and as observed in the Supreme Court judgement.

He was responding on the apex court's show cause notice as to why he should not be given more punishment under section 12 of Contempt of Court Act.

"He has appeared in many important cases. He always defended the judicial institution. But after this case, he has lost career, public life and everything," the advocate said adding Anand has already suffered much in life and the apex court should not enhance the punishment. The court said "we would consider your prayer."

The apex court had on July 29, 2009 upheld his conviction and stripped him of the status of senior advocate for contempt of court for attempting to influence the course of justice in the hit-and-run case.

A three-judge bench of apex court had asked why the quantum of punishment for Anand, who was the defence lawyer in the BMW case, should not be enhanced. The apex court had held that the sting operation carried out by NDTV showing the defence and prosecution lawyers trying to influence controversial witness Sanjay Kulkarni as not a typical case of trial by the media but undertaken in public interest.

The Delhi High Court had held guilty two senior advocates R K Anand and I U Khan for obstructing administration of justice and, as a punishment, debarred them from appearing in courts for four months. However, the apex court had set aside the conviction of Khan on charges of contempt of court.