JnNURM meeting to resume soon

JnNURM meeting to resume soon

He made this announcement during his meeting with a delegation from the  Association of Concerned and Informed Citizens of Mysore (ACICM) at his office premises here on Tuesday.

However, the Mayor observed that during a JnNURM meeting in New Delhi recently, Union Minister for Urban Development Jaipal Reddy had said that remaining funds needed for JnNURM projects would be sanctioned at the earliest.

Asked about the failure in organising a meeting to review JnNURM projects, the Mayor said that he had written many letters to the Deputy Commissioner to organise the meetings, but the latter had said that his role as a special officer wasn’t clear.

However, Mayor said that a meeting to review the projects would be taken up soon.

Pointing out the lack of planning in undertaking JnNURM schemes, Lakshmana said that even though extension of the Outer Ring Road to six lanes was taken up, there has been no plan on how the remaining 9.5 km stretch would be completed.

Even though ` 30 crore has been sanctioned to provide water supply to all residents in the city, the schemes planned have failed to ensure that Cauvery water will be available to everybody.

He said that according to an order issued by the Supreme Court, solid waste management plants have to be built five km away from the city. But, the Mysore City Corporation is dumping waste within the city limits. Also, 100 auto tippers purchased to clear the waste are also lying idle, he added.

Lakshmana also observed that there had been no technical committee set-up to review the quality of projects.