Seer opens Dharmapeeta in Kundapur

Seer opens Dharmapeeta in Kundapur

FOR A BETTER SOCIETY: A partial view of ‘Dharmapeeta’. DH PHOTOS

One who is well versed in understanding the feeling of heart, has no restraints to serve the public, said Ramachandrapura Mutt seer Raghaveshwara Bharati Swamiji.

He was speaking after inaugurating ‘Dharmapeeta’ instituted by Thapovarsita Ashram seer Swami Thathatha at Heggade Haklu near Kollur on Wednesday.

Speaking on the occasion, he said, as per Sanatana Dharma, ‘Dharmapeetas’ are not offered to the world, but the world is offered to ‘Dharmapeetas’. Mutt can be compared to a tree, as both work on the similar lines. A tree recieves toxic oxide from the environment and gives fruit to the people, so are Mutts, which receive all the negative things from the world and preach good things. Indeed Mutts must accept negative things from the society and in return should do good to the society. With the development of Mutts, there develops the society, he said and added that there must be an increase in the number of Mutts in the society.

Speaking about the importance of ‘Guru Parampara,’ he said ‘Guru Parampara’ will pursue its real meaning if the reflection of the teacher is seen in their students.

Dharmapeeta chief Swami Thathatha explained the reason behind instituting Dharmapeeta.

“With the guidance from the learned seers, I have instituted Dharmapeeta to spread religious knowledge and awareness to the world. If every individual follows the essence of every religion, then the society can be a heaven,” he said and wished Dharmapeeta to serve the society .