TCS builds futuristic office complex

TCS builds futuristic office complex

TCS builds futuristic office complex

The architecture of the $200 million project is unique in the way it blends both business and lifestyle statements. It combines elements of traditional Indian architecture with contemporary design.

Looked at from the air, the office complex – at Siruseri, 30 kilometres south of Chennai – reveals six butterfly-shaped buildings intertwined with a central spine.  Laterally, the composition reminds one of Indian temple architecture.

The designers, Uruguayan architectural firm Carlos Ott Architects in association with Carlos Ponce de Leon Architects, have also included features to inspire creativity in work life on the campus. The campus comprises a total of 12 software engineering buildings of varying height – eight of  them five storeys each, and four of seven storeys each.  

All the 12 buildings will be divided across the central spine that is 400 metres long and 42 metres high, with six on each side.  Each block has two wings connected through bridges leading to the two central core structures which house the elevator lobby.  The two wings and the core structures are covered with expansive three-dimensional umbrella structures.

With water bodies, palm trees and landscaping, the central spine is designed as an area for relaxation.  At one end of the spine, an executive and customer briefing block is featured, with a towering structure rising from within.  At 130 metres, the tower will be the highest in southern India providing panoramic views of the region.

The structure also incorporates eco-friendly processes, techniques and systems to meet the requisites for energy-efficient buildings and ISO 14001 certification. An ecological stream beneath a large overhanging  canopy of 400 metres provides a natural cooling system.

The Siruseri campus, where about 12,000 people already work,  has applied for LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification for Platinum and Gold ratings from the US Green Building Council.  TCS is also building large campuses in Ahmedabad, Pune, Hyderabad and Kolkata.