Wanted American fugitive arrested by CBI

Wanted American fugitive arrested by CBI

Dan Boayke Agyenm (56), facing an Interpol red corner notice in the country since July 7, 2009 was arrested recently after he flew in from Ghana on an expired passport, CBI sources said today.

CBI, which is the local arm for the 188-member Interpol, later handed over the accused to the local police here.

As per the red corner notice, sources said, the accused is wanted for alleged fraud of over USD 300,000. He is accused of having minted money out of counterfeit cheques, which were submitted for clearance in a Californian branch of a US bank.

Agyenm had mentioned his occupation as "Attorney" and also carried a US passport which had expired on December 30, 2010.

Sources said an arrest warrant against him was issued by a Californian Court on September 20, 2007 and if convicted Agyenm could face a maximum of 30 years' imprisonment.
Sources said American authorities have been contacted and necessary papers for extradition purpose sought.