Manasina Maathu

Manasina Maathu

Sporadically entertaining

Manasina Maathu

How many of us would believe in mushy fantasy of falling in love at first sight? Manasina Maathu kicks off with this theme when Ajay (Ajay Rao) gets smitten by the love bug when he sees Sahana (Aindrita Ray) in college.

His feelings grow further when Sahana turns out to be his new next-door neighbour. But as one would expect no love story is complete without the villain. In this case the girl’s atrocious mother.

Lending a twist to this saga is the truth which Ajay learns that Sahana is actually the love interest of his dear friend Krishna and his whole world turns upside down.  

Though projected as story of  young people falling in love actually has melange  of melancholy as one family drama unfolds after another be it understanding between the mother and son or the tug of hurt she feels when she learns of her son’s unrequited love. It revolves around the sincere love of a boy who, unnerved by the bitter truth, will leave no stone unturned to see that she is safe until her love returns.

The movie benefits from the steady direction of Anantharaju, though the storyline gets tad predictable.  However, it is redeemed by fresh performances by Ajay and Aindrita Ray and debutante Lohith. Neeladri’s music is catchy.

A remake of Srikanth-Bhoomika starrer Roja Koottam, it turns out to be sporadically entertaining.