Photo clicked at marriage ceremony leads to arrest of snatcher

Photo clicked at marriage ceremony leads to arrest of snatcher

The arrested has been identified as Gunjan (20), a resident of Paharganj. He allegedly stole a bag during a marriage reception in Ambedkar Bhawan in Aram Bagh on Thursday.
"The mother of the bridegroom had placed a white colour bag containing cash and envelopes containing money on a chair and all the family members went up the stage for a group photo. In the meantime a boy came there and took away the bag," a senior police official said.

There was a gathering of around 600-700 people at the marriage reception ceremony and it was very difficult to check and question each and every guest.

"It was thought appropriate to immediately examine the still and video images captured by photographers. After minute examination, police zeroed in on a person in one of the pictures," the official said.

This photograph was identified by a Beat Head Constable as that of one Gunjan, who was later arrested.

"Gunjan told police that he used to lift bags containing cash and valuables in marriage parties since guests usually come from different places and do not prefer to report the matter to police.

"He also disclosed about snatching away the purse and mobile phones and was also arrested on one such occasion by police in a snatching case. His modus operandi is to enter in marriage parties and lift the bags lying unattended. He used to target the valuables carried by ladies," he said