US seeks to expand military cooperation with India: Pentagon

US seeks to expand military cooperation with India: Pentagon

"As military capability and capacity increases in Asia, we will seek new ways to catalyse greater regional security cooperation. Leveraging our convening power, we will expand the scope and participation of multilateral exercises across the region," said the report titled 'The National Military Strategy of the United States of America 2011'.

"We seek expanded military cooperation with India on non-proliferation, safeguarding the global commons, countering terrorism, and elsewhere," the 24-page report said.
The Pentagon will also expand military cooperation, exchanges and exercises with Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Pakistan, Indonesia, Singapore, and other states in Oceania – working with them to address domestic and common foreign threats to their integrity and security, it said.

"This will also help ensure we maintain a sustainable and diversified presence and operational access in the region. Lastly, we strongly encourage the development of security ties and commitments that are emerging among our allies and partners in the region," the report said.

This helps strengthen regional norms and demonstrates increased responsibility and cooperation in addressing regional security challenges, it said.

The National Military Strategy 2011 argued that US is at a strategic inflection point and must adjust to a redistribution of power in the international order.

Observing that the US seeks a positive, cooperative and comprehensive relationship with China that welcomes it to take on a responsible leadership role, the report said to support this, the "Joint Force" seeks a deeper military-to-military relationship with China to expand areas of mutual interest and benefit, improve understanding and reduce misperception.

"We will promote common interests through China's cooperation in countering piracy and proliferation of WMD, and using its influence with North Korea to preserve stability on the Korean peninsula," it said.

"We will continue to monitor carefully China's military developments and the implications those developments have on the military balance in the Taiwan Strait. We remain concerned about the extent and strategic intent of China's military modernisation, and its assertiveness in space, cyberspace, in the Yellow Sea, East China Sea, and South China Sea," it said.

To safeguard America and partner nations' interests, the US will be prepared to demonstrate the will and commit the resources needed to oppose any nation's actions that jeopardise access to and use of the global commons and cyberspace, or that threaten the security of its allies, the report said.

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