Jet Airways launches employee-bonding initiative through a play

The play - Black Comedy - being staged pan-India as a part of this initiative engages the airline employees from different hierarchies and helps them interact more freely with each other.

"This brings employees from various management levels together and helps create a bond between them. I am trying in my own small way to break communication barriers within the organisation using creative expressions of art," Namrata Goyal, the 21-year-old daughter of company's chairman Naresh Goyal, said.

"It also promotes talent within the organisation," she said.
Namrata has directed `Black Comedy' which is being enacted by a troupe comprising the airline employees.

"The troupe will replicate the same freeness in communication in the work space too and help in breaking the hierarchy barriers in the organisation," Goyal said. "This unique initiative got the first push with the staging of play `Six Seasons of Love' in Mumbai. It is based on a well-known play `Tumhari Amrita' written by Feroze Khan," Goyal said.

The play has already been staged in New Delhi, Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai, and is being staged in Ahmedabad today. Jet Airways had laid off close to 1,000 workers in 2008, but after pressure from various quarters, reinstated them later.

"My father, Naresh Goyal, has accorded top priority to this employee-bonding initiative and ensures his presence in the city wherever the play is being staged," she said.
Jet airway has staff strength of 14,000 people.

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