Sonakshi-Katrina: No love lost over soap

Sonakshi-Katrina: No love lost over soap

Sonakshi and Katrina are incidentally both Salman Khan's protégées and the "Dabangg" newcomer insists there's no tension between them. Sonakshi is full of admiration for her senior and doesn't think she has replaced Katrina in the Dyna soap ad.

"Katrina had done the Dyna campaign many years back and they haven't had a brand ambassador after her. So like every brand and celebrity move on, so have Dyna and Katrina. She has moved to Lux. I've come in to Dyna, simple!"

"Not every newcomer gets to represent one of the highest-selling soaps in the country," she said.

What was it like shooting the campaign, specially since it required Sonakshi, who made her debut as a village belle, to get into a bathtub?

"It was good fun. The team was excellent and the shoot went off smoothly. I wasn't the least self-conscious about the way it was shot. It's a very aesthetically shot ad. It was completely in my comfort zone," she said.

"Just getting into a bathtub doesn't mean one has to be unaesthetic," Sonakshi added.