A brave heart indeed!

A brave heart indeed!


A brave heart indeed!

Courageous : Col Rodney J Stokes

He had consented to come to India with his crew for the Aero Show almost two months ago. But he broke his leg midway. “I really wanted to come and visit India. I’ve heard so much about this place that even an injury didn’t stop me from being here,” Rodney tells

He hopped around swiftly and mostly hung around the runway where he could see the aircraft roar off. “I’ve flown all my life. Watching the aircraft soar into the skies makes me nostalgic. The sight of aircraft excites me,” said Rodney.

He confesses that just like his co-pilots he feels flying gives him a sense of freedom. “All the manoeuvres give you a feeling that you’ve conquered the skies. It’s a high that’s unmatched,” he says.

The evenings, after the show, were free and the air crew took time off to explore the City, especially the restaurants and did a bit of shopping as well. Rodney and his friends headed straight to the Tandoor restaurant on M G Road one evening. “I love Indian food especially chicken tikka.

The spice is just perfect. I also plan to carry some of the spices back home,” observes Rodney.  Rodney says he relished every moment he spent in India and he has gathered some very fond memories of his stay here. “When I am back on my feet I am going to travel to India with my wife and kids. This is one place they must not miss,” he signs off.