'Talent aplenty in all fields'

'Talent aplenty in all fields'

Principal of Sarada Vilas B Ed College Prof H S Umesh addressing the audience at ‘Sampratibhotsava’ held in Mysore on Tuesday. Vice President of Students’ Forum C Sharath, members of Management Committee S Ravishankar, S Shiva, Honourary Secretary S Krishnamurthy and Principal Dr A S Ashok Kumar are seen. DH photo“They are not restricted to literature alone,” he said. Addressing the audience at the ‘Sampratibhotsava’ held at Sarada Vilas College on Tuesday, Prof Umesh said apt platforms were needed to identify the people who were cut above the rest.

In areas such as Science, new talents come to fore owing to the newer discoveries or inventions. However, people working in other fields have to be identified for their talent, for want of mechanisms. Renowned scientist Sir C V Raman had deep interest in literature, art and music.

Many scientists who won Nobel prize for their extraordinary contribution to the field were fond of music and literature; Indian music specially appealed to many, he said. Management Member of Sarada Vilas Educational Institutions S Shiva, who also spoke on the occasion, said today’s generation was at loss of heroes and idols for, popular opinion is that people who preach seldom practice their words.

“However, talented people are present in every field, and are visible only if one looks for such achievers,” he said. Principal Dr A S Ashok Kumar presided over the event. Honourary Secretary of the Institution S Krishnamurthy and Management member S Ravishankar were present on the occasion. Student forum Vice President C Sharath welcomed the gathering, while the programme was conducted by Pranamya and Ganesh Shastry. High scorers were awarded cash prize on the occasion.

Cultural programme was presented by the students of the college.