PM wants to unearth corruption in judiciary

PM wants to unearth corruption in judiciary

Speaking to TV editors, the PM said: “With regard to corruption in judiciary, corruption in any walk of life, whether it is judiciary, executive or legislature, it is be a matter of concern to all right thinking people in our country”.

“Therefore, I am not second to anyone in saying that if there is corruption, whether it is in judiciary or in executive or in other walks of life, we must get it unearthed,” Singh added. The statement came in the wake of allegations against judges in high courts as well as the Supreme Court, including former chief justice K G Balakrishnan.

On black money, the PM said: “We will take all possible measures to control this menace of black money and bring back to our country the money that is legally ours”.

Asked about his biggest regret in UPA-II, Singh referred to “these irregularities[meaning 2G, CWG and other scams” and said: “They should not have happened. I am not very happy about these developments.”  “I have looked upon life as a learning and re-learning process. It has been a great educational experience from civil service to academic world to political world. This process of learning, I relish that,” he replied.
He, however, rejected a questioner’s suggestion that his government was facing double-incumbency of attacks from the opposition and within the party.

Asked whether he felt like taking moral responsibility for the scams, he said: “I am conscious about personal responsibility. My compulsion is that I have to bear a lot because we cannot have elections every six months,” he said.