Dare to wear?

Dare to wear?


Dare to wear?

Arundathi, Christ University:

Initially, I did not like the whole idea but gradually I realised it’s actually a very good idea because it brings all the students on an equal platform and makes everyone comfortable. And if one has to talk about the whole ‘freedom of expression’ then we can always work around a salwar to bring out the personality within us.

Denise, Jyothi Nivas College: I love wearing salwars so I am definitely for this code. If you look at it the college is actually doing this for our security. There are so many things happening on the streets today and by dressing decently we only safeguard ourselves.

AnujAnuj, R V College: To an extent a dress code is needed in colleges because there have been instances where both boys and girls have crossed the line of moral dressing. But then again at this time and age ‘dressing right’ is too small an issue to worry about as we have other big things to deal with. 

Divya, Jyothi Nivas: I feel the college authorities should not underestimate us. They should understand that we are all grown ups. Every student who enters college hopes to finally get that freedom of choice of making one’s own decision but when rules curb our freedom one is bound to be disappointed.

Karishma Rao, BMS: In school, it’s a different issue. But when one enters a college, the atmosphere is different. Here we grow as an individual by interacting with other people, by expressing our  opinions. By bringing in such rules, the colleges only curb our individualism and our thought process.  

Riya, Bangalore Institute Legal Studies: I am totally against the dress code because some colleges go a bit overboard. Firstly, a student has to invest a lot in changing the entire wardrobe for just a couple of years and secondly, it’s not like wearing a salwar will protect you completely. You still have people staring and commenting on you. It’s high time the colleges started trusting us and having an open mind.