Sordid tales of UP cop on record

Sordid tales of UP cop on record

Police diary

But, the GD found at a police station at Gorakhpur district in Uttar Pradesh has a filmy sort of tale to tell.

What makes this diary unique, and equally embarassing for the higher-ups is the ‘eyewitness’ report on the love adventures of the Station House Officer (SHO) at the Chauri Chaura police station by his colleague. Sources said that SHO Chatrapal Singh's affairs with women had brought a bad name to the department. But the constables and other staff had to remain tight-lipped  over the issue as  they did not have the courage to lodge a complaint against the boss.  However, recently a sub-inspector deployed at the same police station, Krisnanad Rai came forward and reported the incidents in the diary.

“Chatrapal Singh invites girls to his official residence inside the police station regularly and often threatens his subordinates when they oppose,'' the GD states. The revealations have raised many eyebrows in the police circle. A thorough inquiry into the ‘unusual FIR', which is now  part of the police records, has been ordered.  The whistleblower, Rai was punished for entering in the GD the sordid tales of his boss instead of lodging a complaint with the senior officials . Singh has also been shifted from the Chauri Chaura police station.

Incidently, Chauri Chaura is the place where Mahatma Gandhi had undertaken a five-day fast as penance for the killing of 23 policemen by a violent mob in 1922.