Contact helped at the counters

Contact helped at  the counters

angry Tickets seekers arguing with the cop on Thursday.

On the second day (Thursday), the counters sold tickets only to the general public.  However, on Wednesday even the ordinary people could avail the tickets meant for the members, provided they had an identity card of a member of KSCA and an authorisation letter from either a life member or an associated member of the KSCA.

All those people who bought tickets by cash on Wednesday were there on behalf of the members or their friends, relatives or close associates of the members of the KSCA. One wonders if all the people standing in long queues were associated with KSCA members?  Talking about why the KSCA allotted two days to issue the tickets Sujith Somasundar, a former cricketer and official spokesperson told Metrolife, “We had reserved the first day only for the members of the KSCA and the second day for the general public. About 6,500 tickets were sold on the first day and by 12 noon on Thursday about 7,500 to 8,000 tickets were sold to the general public.”   

Swelling crowds necessitated lathi charge on Thursday. Women in the crowd too had to take the brunt of the haywire. It looks like those ‘associated’ with members of the KSCA had a better chance of getting the tickets than the ordinary people (with no influence) who waited waited hours on end and finally had to return disappointed.

“On Wednesday we issued tickets to those who came with the identity card and authorisation letter from the members of the KSCA. We understand that not every member can come and stand in the queue, so whoever they had authorised could take away the tickets,” he clarified. 

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