BJP leaders divided over govt action on CVC issue

BJP leaders divided over govt action on CVC issue

There is no effort on the part of the party to go whole hog on the issue and translate it into a yet another political offensive against the UPA government, reeling under a spate of  corruption charges.

Leader of Opposition Sushma Swaraj’s meek acceptance of Prime Minister Manoman Singh’s comment  in the Lok Sabha that he took responsibility for the “error of judgment” has raised  a few  eyebrows. She has not been in her usual combative mood.

Swaraj had earlier also   suggested that since Prime Minister has admitted his fault and all should now  “move on.”  In a television show last week Swaraj justified her comment saying she had the approval of party president Nitin Gadkari for her position (that matters be laid to rest).

It was Swaraj, part of three member selection committee , who first raised the issue of chargesheet against Jacob and thereby objected to his appointment as the CVC. In  the Rajya Sabha Leader of the Opposition, Arun Jaitley has taken “a tougher line” by asking whether “the Prime Minister now intends to fix accountability within the Government of whoever was responsible for pushing a charge sheeted person to this august institution?” 

“Since the Prime Minister has very graciously accepted the ‘error of judgment’, would he now appreciate that responsibility and accountability co-exist ?”,  Jaitley  said. Be that as it may, BJP is not seen  to be on the offensive once Supreme Court dismissed  appointment of Thomas on March 3 . Immediately after the Supreme Court judgment, The Chief Party spokesman Ravishankar Prasad  posed certain questions but did not ask for Prime Minister’s resignation on the issue. “ we will build the case step-by-step to take it to a logical end”, said a senior BJP leader.

The BJP, however, seems to be a divided house on the issue and is clearly playing it down after the apex court ruled favoured the line taken by the party.