Musical homage paid to Dr Puttaraja Gawai

Musical homage paid to Dr Puttaraja Gawai

Pandit Siddharamaswamy Korawara captivates audiences at the Gaanayogi Panchakshari Gawai Sangeethotsava, in Mysore recentlyPandit Siddharamaswamy Korawara captivates audiences at the Gaanayogi Panchakshari Gawai Sangeethotsava, in Mysore recently

Apart from paying musical homage to the great Guru, a felicitation to one of the senior disciples of Gawai was also organised.

Pandit Siddharamaswamy Korawara, who learnt music at the Veereshwara Punyashrama in the Gurukula system for several years was honoured. Pandit Korwar runs a music Institute in his Guru’s name in Bhopal for the past 50 years.

He has received ‘Sangeeth Visharad’ degree from Gandharva Maha Vidyalay of Mumbai,and post graduated from  Prayag University and Barkhatulla University of music.
An ‘A’ grade artiste of All India Radio, Korwar has performed in many places including Tansen Sangeeth samaroh at Gwalior.


The students of Swara Sankula Music School paid their musical tribute to Dr Puttaraja Gawai after which, there was a Hindusthani Vocal concert by  Pandit Shreepad Hegde. Hegde, who started his musical journey from Pandit Ganapathy Bhat, continued his tutelage under Pandit Basavaraja Rajaguru of Dharwad.

Family of Yakshagana

He belongs to the family of Yakshagana , the influence of which can be traced in his singing.

After his concert, Pandit Siddharamaswamy Korwar sang for the delight of audience. They both were accompanied by Pandit Vishwanath Nakod (Tabla) and B Shreeram Bhat (Harmonium). Pandit Shreepad Hegde started with a bandish in Rag Yaman “Mora ghar aaye” in a matured style.

He unfolded the nuances of this attractive raga in a slow and majestic way. The raga development had the gamakas, glides and swings that sounded many a times unusual yet attractive.

Melodic combinations

The melodic combinations for instance in daatu swara prayogas he used were something that was rare in this system of music. All this did result in a melodic mould that was satisfying.

The open throated singing echoed in the auditorium especially in the Dhruth.  “Jaane nahi detha mohe Kanha” continued in Yaman with many a shades of emotion expressing gopika’s anguish. The swar taan too had his identity.

“Guruvina gulamanaguvatanaka” in thick shades of Mand was filled with lyrical beauty.
He concluded with “Jnanada baladinda”, another Kannada composition. Pandit Siddharamaswamy, proved that aging is only for the body and not for his music.

Losing stamina

He might have lost the stamina, but he sings perfectly to shruthi . One can easily be reminded of his music in his younger days when he tries to sing with the same efforts.
He sang Rag Puriyakalyan and champakali for the pleasure of his fans. Pandit Vishwanath Nakod and Shreeram Bhat gave very good support for both the singers.