Gamers on Facebook can help victims

Gamers on Facebook can help victims

The initiative is a result of partnership between NGO Save the Children and Zynga, a social network game developer.

Games like Cityville and Farmville are raising funds by offering special crops to its players. The players can pay through credit cards and the entire proceeds would go to the Japan Earthquake Tsunami Children’s Emergency Fund.

‘Currently, we are collecting information, but we think that many children have been affected by in this catastrophe. Our priority is to ensure that children are safe and to address their psychosocial needs,” a Save the Children official said.

The NGO is hoping to reach out to the maximum number of victims and expecting generous donations from millions of online players via their favourites games like Zynga Poker, Frontierville, Café World, Yoville, Z Bar and World With Your Friends.

Apart from harvesting crops, one can place Japanese inspired decorations in their café or purchase access to a VIP table in Zynga Poker.

“It’s actually a unique idea. These crops give me extra points which help me increase my level... it feels good to be doing something for the people who are suffering in Japan," said Uday Vohra, a 20-year-old Farmville addict.