Dance review

Dance review

Sleek expressiveness

It was held at the Nayana Auditorium, under the series “Every Wednesday cultural evening programme”.

Pallavi Manjunath is a BSc student at Maharani Lakshmi Ammanni College and has passed senior examination in dance. She has completed ‘Ranga Pravesha’ formally. She is learning music and also has a few performances to her credit. Ashwini Vishwanath is doing BBM degree at Bhagwan Mahaveer Jain College and has cleared senior examination in Bharathanatya. She completed her ‘Ranga Pravesha’ in 2010. She is also a student of music and has performed in a few festivals.

Pallavi and Ashwini made an immediate impact from the beginning itself. Their invocatory piece vouched for a sound grounding in Bharathanatya and the Keerthane ‘Bhuvaneswariya nene manave” is a favourite of all musicians and not a rare item in dance. Their good training was forcefully projected in the varna – “Nandayai nee paradi”. Taking ‘Ethugade’ (or charana) in ‘Druthakaala’ their interpretation, substantially brought out the nayika “Bhava”.

Their abhinaya was good with sleek expressiveness in the popular Kannada devaranama “Bagilanu Theredu Seveyanu Kodo Hariye” of  Kanakadasa. The duo performed several episodes like – Gajendra Moksha, Narasimha Awathara, Dyutha-Draupadi Maana Samrakshana. Their Thillana in Brindavana Saranga was crisp and good. With their attractive, good personality Pallavi and Ashwini, performed with ease and confidence.  Guru Vasundhara Sampath Kumar (Natuvanga), Balasubramanya Sharma on vocal, Purushothama on Mridanga, Narasimha Murthy on flute and Dr Nataraja Murthy on violin – supported well from the wings.