Ashok Haranahalli asks youths to take care of aged parents

Ashok Haranahalli asks youths to take care of aged parents

State Advocate General Ashok Haranahalli inaugurates an oldage centre ‘Chaitanya Mandira’ of Kamadhenu Cooperative Vidyashrama, in Hassan on Sunday. MLA H S Prakash, Patel Shivaram and others are seen.

Speaking after inaugurating Kamdhenu Sahakari Vidyashrama’s Chaitanya Mandira, Ananda Sadana, and Nandagokula, old age homes in Hassan on Sunday, he lamented that the country has been developing technically competing with the world countries, similarly, incidents of pushing parents to old age homes are also increasing.

The parents put their heart and soul to provide good education to their wards. It was the responsibility of the children to take care of their parents when they are old. He also lauded the efforts of the institution in providing shelter to the old people and orphans.

Member of Legislative Council Patel Shivaram said every family one of the other problems which should not be magnified and make the aged parents’ scapegoat. Member of Legislative Assembly H S Parkash said it was important to provide a peaceful environment for the old parents to keep them happy at the fag end of their lives. He also pointed out incidents where the old parents are kept by their sons just for the sake of old age pension.

K N Prasad, A Rangaswamy, H A Govinda Shetty and others were present.