Missing Haryana hotelier, family safe in Japan

Missing Haryana hotelier, family safe in Japan

Narinder Singh, from Kurali village, migrated to Japan around 13 years back, his elder brother Keemti Lal said. Narinder runs a hotel in Iwaki and lives there with his wife
Maria and three children - Yash (11), Major (7) and Marish (5).

"I am very happy that finally I have been able to talk to my brother over the phone. He and his family are saved by a rescue team. The whole village was praying for their safety," Keemti Lal told IANS.

He said he got worried when, after seeing the news of the Japanese devastation on television, he tried to contact Narinder over the phone but found it was switched off.  "I also talked to his friends there but they were unaware about his whereabouts. I contacted the Japan embassy in Delhi but they also did not have any information about Narinder and his family," he said.

Finally, Lal was able to get to Narinder on phone and learn he and his family were safe.

"I have talked to him through a telephone conference arranged by my younger brother, who lives in Britain. They (Narinder and his family) sustained some minor injuries but I am happy that their lives have been saved. I am feeling very relieved now. Now I want to see them at the earliest," he added.

Lal said Narinder came home visiting to Kurali about six years ago.  According to him, many people have migrated to Japan over the last few years and several live in Iwaki, one of the areas affected by the  magnitude-9 March 11 quake that is believed to have killed or injured at least 10,000 people and triggered fears of a nuclear meltdown.