Some moves on the ramp

Some moves on the ramp


Fashionable: Rizwan Cheema. DH photo by Vishwanath Suverna

In the ongoing World Cup tournament, almost every team which visits the City usually plans something or the other. If last week saw the Australian players shopping at a mall, this week the Canadian players took it one step higher and walked the ramp in a City hotel.

Within hours of landing, it was amazing to see how the team got the energy to come all dressed up for this private event. Said Ashish Bagai, the captain of the team, “With so little time in the City, we wanted to enjoy as much as we could. We have heard so much about Bangalore and I am really glad that we finally got to play here. I think it’s the first time that many of us are walking the ramp. So it’s going to be fun.”

The night began with a dance performance by a troupe, which got the crowd ready for the much awaited fashion show. Players like Rizwan Cheema, Khurram Chohan, Parth Desai, Amabhir Hansra and Harvir Baidwan shed their inhibitions and walked the ramp with  models by their side with full zest and confidence.

The first round saw them in an ethnic attire with most of them in sherwanis, something, that Khurram really likes. “I have always liked wearing sherwanis or kurtas. I think I am most comfortable in them. Having come to Bangalore I hope to take some time out and buy some kurtas because back home in Canada, one can hardly find good variety of kurtas and the silk sherwanis are very expensive,” he added.

The crowd too was amazed at the confidence the players had on the ramp. “We really wanted to charge them up for their upcoming match and it was nice to see them being this sportive,” said Aditya, a member of the audience.

The second round had the players in casual blue jeans and white T-shirts. Adding to the glamour quotient were the glares they teamed the outfit with. By now the players were really comfortable on the ramp and some even showed some of their moves on the ramp. “At first, we were really tired but after this, we are charged up and really enjoying the warm welcome we received in the City,” says Rizwan.