Coping with change

Coping with change


UNFORGETTABLE Scenes from Namma Metro.

The play saw a jam-packed hall in spite of the World Cup and many in the audience were seen standing and enjoying the play.

Bangaloreans easily connected with the play as it spoke of the radical changes that have taken place in the City due to globalisation.

The play spoke of how these changes have transformed the idyllic pensioner’s paradise into a buzzing metropolis.

This story of four strangers, a 60-year-old journalist, a middle-aged bank employee, a young IT professional and a ground nut seller struck a chord with everyone. The characters were real and many in the audience saw traces of themselves on stage. The narrative describing the saga of each of their lives was a truly exciting one.

The stories by themselves left a lasting impression on the audience. Be it the bank employee’s daughter who demanded a share in the property or the software engineer, who in spite of being a brilliant sculptor, was not given any encouragement at home. Their stories depict the regular struggles of a Bangalorean, who is torn between modernity and conventionality. Sri Harsha Grama as the cynical 60-year-old journalist requires special mention for his hard-hitting performance.

Another highlight of the play was the music. The music was successful in capturing the essence of the play.

The usage of props too were highly innovative. For instance, the conversation between the bank employee and his daughter in front of suspended rectangular frames depicted different view points. One viewpoint, highlighting the conventional middle-class school of thought and another viewpoint of a brash youngster who is hell-bent on fulfiling her dreams at the cost of anything.

The dialogues were a delight and Abhishek Iyengar, the writer and director of Namma Metro, has made a rather common subject fascinating.

However, by all means, the ending of the play was the best. The unusual twist in the end created an impact and left many in the audience emotional. All in all, great performances, good lighting and a brilliant script made Namma Metro, an unforgettable experience.