C'Ballapur needs a trauma care centre

C'Ballapur needs a trauma care centre

Scary highway

Inviting Danger: People wait for buses on the national highway at Hunegallu on the outskirts of Chikkaballapur. DH PHOTO

Accidents are on the rise on the highways of the district. But Chikkaballapur doesn’t have a trauma care centre to save precious lives in emergencies.

The district does not even have a proper blood bank. With many key highways, including national highways, passing through the district, it is pertinent that the district gets a trauma care centre and blood banks.

The matter assumes significance in the backdrop of an accident near the Nandi Hills on Sunday evening killing four people, including a six-year-old boy, on the spot. On Monday morning, passengers of a KSRTC bus sustained injuries when it hit a road divider.

No bus shelters

The public usually travel on the service roads on either side of the national highway. With there being no bus shelters on these roads, passengers are forced to wait for buses, standing on the middle of the roads.

Roads are of good quality and drivers of heavy vehicles drive at breakneck speed, leading to accidents. There are service roads on either side of the highways connecting Marasanahalli, Honegallu, Peresandra and Bagepalli.

However, railing or protecting walls have not been provided on either sides of these roads, and this endangers the safety of the people.

“Buses rarely stop at our village. We have to go to the middle of the road to stop these buses and it’s very scary when the vehicles speed past us,” Manjunath, a resident of Hunegallu village.

Inter-state vehicles, including buses and lorries transporting essential commodities like milk, fruits and vegetables, going towards Bagepalli, Hyderabad and other places in Andhra Pradesh have to pass through Chitradurga.  

They usually zoom on the highways, especially during midnight and the early hours of the day, leading to a number of accidents during these hours.

Whenever accidents take place, the injured are shifted to hospitals in Bangalore, as there are no required facilities at hospitals in and around