Indian Golf Union finalises big deal with Nimbus

Indian Golf Union finalises big deal with Nimbus

The landmark deal between IGU and Nimbus Sport is spread over three years and will feature number of golf events across the Country.

Apart from taking the Indian Open to new heights and reviving the Indian Masters, IGU has also decided to add the Indian Classic to give further lustre to professional golf in India. The Indian Golf Union holds the rights to all three events.

“We are extremely pleased to enter into a long-term exclusive partnership with one of Asia’s leading sports management companies, Nimbus Sport,” said Rohit Amin, the President of Indian Golf Union.

“This agreement will not only ensure the presence of three world class IGU-sanctioned events in India, but will also ensure a significant increase in the funds available with the IGU to invest in development of golf in India.

“The growth of Indian golf has to be fuelled by financial investments and marketing prowess. Our partnership with Nimbus Sport will deliver this and more,” he added.
In 2013, the Indian Open will celebrate its 50th edition. The Indian Open is the oldest and longest running professional golf event in India. The next edition of the Indian Open is scheduled for October 2011.

Each of the three Indian Events are expected to be rotated across cities in the country to ensure that golf fans across the country get an opportunity to be a part of and witness world class golf events.