Officials taken to task over non-utilisation of grants

Officials taken to task over non-utilisation of grants

Taking the officials to task for not utilising the grants sanctioned by the government effeciently, he said, it was extremely disappointing to note that the officials were responsible for the district for the backwardness and the lack of development in the district.

Seeking details of the grants sanctioned to the various departments, including the Department of Animal Husbandry, the district in-charge secretary was furious over the ineffecient ulitisation of the grants.

Taking them to the task, he said, “Inspite of the deadline for the projects approaching, the officials had not bothered to do anything. It shows the callousness of the people in responsible position. How much grants had been received from Union and the State governments? How much of it had been utilised? There was neither any records nor any documents supporting the utilisatio of the funds. Grants had been sanctioned for each and every project of varied natures.

But due to the ineffeciency of the officials concerned, most of it had remained idle. How can the district develop at this rate? How will the people’s problems be solved? he questioned.

‘No use being polite’
“Until and unless you are taken to task, you people do not budge. It is no use talking politely to you people,” Muniyappa said disappointedly.

When the District Health and Family Welfare Officer Dr B N Bairareddy failed to provide details of the annaul grants received by his department, Muniyappa was irked. He said, when an amount of Rs 20 lakh grants had been received by the Health Department and so far, only an amount of Rs 60,000 had been spent, then where did the remaining amount go. Was it been ulitised for any development work, if so, then where are the details, he questioned.

The district in-charge secretgary also expressed his ire over laxity on part of the officials of the Department of Animal Husbandry and Department of Public Instruction. The officials are not at all aware of the amount of grants sanctioned. The progress review meeting is held every month. It was the responsibility of the officials to present the records of the amount utilised. The officials should be aware of at least this fact, he said.

Other activities
Further the review meeting deliberated on the depleting ground water levels in the district and the measures that required to be taken to tackle it. Apart from agriculture, prominence should be given to industries, sericulture, dairy farming activities, etc. By establishing industries, youths will get ample employment opportunities, he said and added, the banks should encourge by providing loan facilities which would facilitate to create job opportunities by encouraging new business ventures.

He instructed Deputy Commissioner Dr N Manjula and Chief Executive Officer of the Zilla Panchayat B S Shekharappa to keep a tab on the grants sanctioned to the various departments and also the measures taken for the effecient utilisation.