Gaddafi's son surprised over 'good man' Obama attacking Libya

Gaddafi's son surprised over 'good man' Obama attacking Libya

"Yesterday, we were surprised that the Americans and the British and the French attacked Libya, attacked five cities, terrorised people, children, women were so afraid yesterday
"... So it was a big surprise that, finally, President Obama -- we thought he's a good man and friend of Arab world -- is bombing Libya," Saif, the second son of the Libyan leader, told ABC in an interview.

The forces loyal to the Libyan leader went to Benghazi to liberate the city from the whom he claimed are "gangsters and the armed militia", he said.

"So if the Americans want to help the Libyan people in Benghazi, so go to Benghazi and liberate Benghazi from the militia and the terrorists. So do it," he said.

Claiming that the entire country is united against the international forces, he said that his father won't resign, as being demanded by the US-led international community.

"The whole country is united against the armed militia and the terrorists. The Americans and other Western countries, are supporting the terrorists and the armed militia. That's it," he said.

"Believe me, one day, you wake up and you will find out that you were supporting the wrong people. And you are being a big mistake with supporting those people. It's like the WMD in Iraq. It's another story," Gadhafi said in response to a question.