SKDRDP sets up cold storage unit

SKDRDP sets up cold storage unit

He said the cold storage unit was developed in association with Bayar Company from Uttra Pradesh. The farmers can store all kind of vegetables and flowers including tomato, cabbage, brinjal, rose and sunflower and can sell it when the price is high.

Informing about the functioning of the unit he said, the users have to clean the tray and the plastic bags used for the storage with pure water before using. The vegetables and fruits can be stored for 30 days in the unit. Two employees have been appointed to maintain the unit, he said.

For the undisrupted functioning of the unit, solar panels too have been installed with the quality panels and battery.

Tomato can be stored in this unit for 21 days, cauliflower for 15 days, and green chilly for 25 days. The vegetables which gets spoiled within five days in the normal temperature can be stored for a month in the cold storage system and they remain fresh.

The unit has been set up on an experimental basis now, with 30 tomato growing families storing the vegetables in the unit. The unit can store about 10 tonnes of vegetables, he informed.