Balancing studies and fun with ease

Balancing studies and fun with ease

SMART youngsters

bonding Pravin, Trina, Saloni, Tariq, Aditya, Sara and Sandip.

They spend a lot of their spare time in the campus either discussing studies or having fun with friends. They prefer going to the canteen, which is interestingly called The Chatter Box, during their recess time. Says Saloni, “The environment in the canteen is very good and we love spending our time here because we can talk over lunch or snacks.”

Apart from this, another factor that beckons these students to the canteen is the indoor game facility available there. “Most of the boys are sports-freaks. Even if they get five minutes of spare time, they will head out to play games. So this is a nice place where they can eat as well as play.” Aditya agrees with her and says, “This is the best part of The
Chatter Box.

We love coming here to play table tennis and carrom.”

But they never compromise on studies and do not bunk classes like most college students do. Says Saloni, “Whenever it’s exam time or we have to submit assignments, we go to the library and bury our heads in our books and do not fool around.”
Most of these students spend their time in college as their classes start at 8.30 am and go on till 6 pm. But one can find most students diligently going to the playground, right outside college, to unwind after a long day with a game of cricket. Says Mahipal, “I am not a big fan of cricket but this is the time I can catch up with all my friends as we study in different classes.”

But doesn’t this come in the way of their daily college work? Says Aditya, “We make it a point to study everyday and keep ourselves up to date with all the work. So there is not much pressure on us and we enjoy doing this.”