Intel announces Intel Insider at FICCI FRAMES

Intel announces Intel Insider at FICCI FRAMES

This is one of the host of new technology agreements with Indian companies and studios announced yesterday by senior Intel executives and technology specialists at the FICCI FRAMES conference, and is a part of US-India Business partnership.

"Intel Insider is just one of the number of cutting edge technologies that we are bringing to the Indian Market," announced Intel Executive, Jeff Lawrence. Until now, online movie services could only offer a subset of movies in HD for the PC due to security concerns. With Intel Insider's hardware-based protection, consumers will have access to a larger and growing library of movie titles in the most advanced HD.

Moreover, Intel Insider will enable Indian film content to be distributed legitimately and safely to Indian film fans around the world, he said.

The US-India Business Council (USIBC) launched its high-level Executive Mission at the FICCI FRAMES conference here yesterday and the Delegation included senior executives from USIBC's top media, entertainment, and technology companies.

"The FRAMES Conference provides a unique opportunity to further strengthen the growing ties between the American and Indian media and entertainment sectors," Michael DiPaula-Coyle, Director of Policy Advocacy at USIBC said .

"Our mission is to hold substantive meetings with both Indian government and industry leaders to discuss important issues related to entertainment collaboration, including anti piracy activities," he said.

"We remain committed to accelerating cooperation on a range of issues including enhancing anti-counterfeiting efforts in both countries, addressing regulatory and tax barriers, and fostering meaningful technology collaboration. These efforts are designed to support the growing convergence between our industries, which is one of the great success stories of the new US-India partnership," DiPaula-Coyle added.