Mystery behind 101 doors

Mystery behind 101 doors

Thriller : A still from Noorondu Baagilu.

“I remember reading this novel around 30 years ago and it really struck me then,” says the National Award winning director. “What really stood out in the story was the suspense that kept one at the edge till the very end. After many years I finally thought of adapting the story for the film and share it with the audience,” adds Vemgal Jaganath.

Finding the right house for the film was one of the biggest challenges. Since the title of the film has many layers to it, the director says that the team had to hunt for the perfect old village house.

“On one hand, the title suggests that the house has 101 doors and on another level, the title suggests that each door opens up to a new mystery. We had a very old house in mind and we went all over Mangalore and Udupi and finally found the house where we shot the entire film in,” he says.

The four songs in the film have been composed by V Manohar who has given traditional tunes to suit the nativity of the film. While Kiran will play the role of an investigating officer, Biaenca will be seen as a traditional village belle. “The story
revolves around Biaenca’s character, which required her to be seen in traditional attire. She has done the role well,” he says. The film’s music has been released and it will hit the theatres in May.