WikiLeaks show US domination in India: Karat

WikiLeaks show US domination in India: Karat

In an article in the party organ People's Democracy, Karat said the publication of the cables had bared the deepening linkages between the US and the Indian governments of the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) and the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) government.

Calling it "a disturbing picture", Karat said: "The US has access to the bureaucracy, military, security and intelligence systems and has successfully penetrated them at various levels."

The article said the diplomatic cables accessed by WikiLeaks and published in The Hindu showed how the US exercised "maximum pressure" to make India vote against Iran at the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) meeting in 2005.

"Other cables reveal how the US succeeded in getting India to coordinate policy towards other countries in South Asia like Nepal, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh."

The article said the cables "provide a glimpse of how the Americans are able to penetrate the intelligence and security apparatus... The cables show that information is sourced from not just the media but from sources within various government ministries".

It went on: "The collaboration between the intelligence and security agencies of the two countries had already resulted in American penetration...

"The cables show a surge in pro-American decisions in foreign policy and economic policies in the 2005-08 period. The US utilized every lever to get India to accept all its interests in exchange for the nuclear deal."

"It is in this period there was a significant increase in the military joint exercises and other areas of defence collaboration...

"The Wikileaks cables are a sad and revealing commentary of where Manmohan Singh and the Congress leadership have landed the country."