Tell the nation exactly how much guilty you are: Gadkari to PM

Tell the nation exactly how much guilty you are: Gadkari to PM

"The Prime Minister has been saying he does not know about any scam or appointment of P J Thomas as CVC. Even at a media conference he said he was not as much guilty as made out to be by the Opposition. I ask him to tell the nation how much is his guilt amid a number of corruption cases?" he said at a party convention here.

Noting that the country had the right to know the extent of the PM's involvement in the scams, he said, "People should know how much is his guilt in scams like CAG and 2G Spectrum."

Terming Congress party as a "family fiefdom", Gadkari said, "Congress leaders like P Chidambaram and Pranab Mukherjee can dream of becoming Prime Minister but they can never dare to dream of becoming the party president as the post is reserved for a Gandhi only."

But in BJP, he claimed, any activist can aspire to become its president. "I am an example. I remember the days when as a party worker, I used to paste bills during Atal Bihari Vajpayee's meeting in Maharashtra. Now the same party has made me the president. Can any Congress leader think of it?" he asked. The BJP president attributed corruption in Congress-led UPA government to the cause for price rise.

"Corruption is the root cause of skyrocketing of prices ...A Raja is just a symbol of corruption...several corrupt leaders of Congress have become rich," Gadkari alleged.