Rhythm to drive away the blues

Rock Festival

Secondly, we are used to performing in dark, smoky bars and pubs. Everyone usually has a mug of beer in their hands,” announced Vasudev Prabhu, the lead vocalist and the blues harpist of the band.

Along with Prabhu, the band also features Vinod D’sa or VD, as he is popularly known, on bass, Gijsbert Ackerman on drums, Sudhakar on keyboard and Niranjan Burke aka Ninja on lead guitar. Choosing to perform covers of such masters as the Blues Brothers, BB King and Muddy Waters, the band refrained from doing anything too experimental with the blues anthems they sang. They sang it straight with very little variations from the original.

VD’s vocals even on back up was stronger than Prabhu’s on lead. To give the devil his due, Prabhu did tease his blues harp just right. Ackerman’s drumming was energetic, Sudhakar was effortless and Ninja’s lead was on mark and yet the band wasn’t as tight as one would have liked.

The casual shopper who sauntered in for some retail therapy, stopped by for a while and indulged in some old fashioned blues with none of the electronic influences that is beginning to take hold of every genre. The number of those gathered wasn’t small either. At least a hundred and fifty people stood around swaying to the music. Gathered in what they humourously referred to as the fan’s corner, the hyperbolic friends of the band crooned and cheered Barracuda on.

The rock festival made for an interesting way to spend a Saturday evening; music of yesteryears playing live, tall shelves of books to bury noses in, aromas of some hot tea redolent in the air and the promise of a relaxing evening ahead.

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