Happy ending to Ramya saga

Happy ending to Ramya saga

All settled

Happy ending to Ramya saga

Call back: Ramya DH photo by Anand Bakshi

As expected the 'Ramya'na had a happy ending, at least for the protagonist Ramya. The actress has had her way again. But only after playing her part to perfection – in terms of charges and counter-charges, name-calling and a boycott call. Not to forget the now famous ‘breaking into tears’ in full glare of TV cameras.

Ramya got her money back on Thursday night and she promptly announced that she will return to acting if she gets a good script. But before that she's keen on readying her house and devoting time to the IPL.

Ramya is relieved that the issue has been sorted out and that justice has been met. But will she work with Ganesh again? “Well, never say never but I don’t think I would want to work with him again. He was always very quiet during the shooting of Dandam Dashagunam. It all began when I asked him for my money and he didn’t take my calls and didn’t bother to respond either. While he kept avoiding me, he invested money in another new project. He claimed that he didn’t have money to return to me, then how did he get money to invest elsewhere? This is double standard,” says Ramya.

She confesses that she had to take this issue to another level because he (Ganesh) refused to cooperate. “Instead of settling it within, he chose to wash the dirty linen in public. Why should I refrain from going to the media as well,” she wonders.

Now that the ban is lifted and Ramya will act, why all that tamasha about quitting acting? “It’s been on cards for a long time. I will begin to act only when I get a script that’s worth the effort,” says Ramya.

Presently, she’s busy doing up her new place. “My house is my priority and I want to settle in as soon as possible. Then the IPL will take up a lot of my time. After that I will take some time off for some personal work,” she says and adds, “I have two films that will release soon and then we will have to see if something worthwhile comes along.”