Blindfolded, yet he knows his direction!

Blindfolded, yet he knows his direction!

Magician Kudroli Ganesh entertains the crowd by driving a motorbike blindfolded, in Sakleshpur on Saturday. DH PHOTO

Ganesh, who had come to Sakleshpur to participate in the 53rd cattle fair and exhibition on Saturday, took out a four kilometre long journey blindfolded on his motorbike beginning from Azad road opposite Town Hall and continued through B M Road, Tejaswini theatre and on Rajabeedi and returned to Town Hall.

Hundreds of people had gathered on both sides of the roads to witness Ganesh manoeuvring the dense traffic blindfolded.

Youths and Town Municipal members and even some cops followed him enthusiastically on their bikes cheering him at this rare feat.

Addressing newspersons later, Ganesh said that many have been duping the innocent public by claiming that they are making miracles happen. There is a scientific approach for everything and there is no black magic or witchcraft. These are being used to cheat the gullible public.

When asked to explain the tactic used for such entertainments and how he was capable of riding blindfolded, he said people would lose interest if it is explained.