Rerun of Dandi march, now for freedom from corruption

Rerun of Dandi march, now for freedom from corruption

Rerun of Dandi march, now for freedom from corruption

IT employees at the Dandi march-II protest against corruption. dh photoThis was Lalwani’s contribution to Dandi March-II, the campaign launched by techies on the lines of the epoch-making event of the freedom struggle. Their demand was the enactment of Lokpal Bill, a ground-breaking anti-corruption legislation that has not been passed since 1969.

Lalwani, a native of Balaghat, Madhya Pradesh, is now dealing with pain that becomes unbearable at times. But he does not regret it. “In India, very few people have blood boiling in their bodies. Everybody wants to fight corruption but not many want to be the change,” Lalwani told Deccan Herald.

Like Lalwani, there were at least 400 people, two-third of them techies, who took part in the march to vent their frustration against corruption in public life.

Among them was Tripti Singh, another software professional. A day after the march, she has developed cramps in her legs and taken pain-killers to suppress the sensation. “I will not regret it at all, if something fruitful comes out of this,” she said.

Techies’ protest was the culmination of the Dandi March-II launched by NRIs in California, US, on March 12. Their objective: freedom from corruption.

“The first Dandi March was taken out to achieve Swaraj (self-rule). This Dandi March is to get rid of corrupt politicians,” Sumit Gupta, coordinator of the march in Bangalore, said.

Gandhian principles

This march against corruption was also orchestrated under Gandhian principles. The protesters said they had no hatred or resentment against the government or the official machinery.

A good number of college students also turned up at the march. The march passed through Sirsi Circle, National College, Basavanagudi, Town Hall, Banappa Park, Freedom Park, Vidhana Soudha, and M G Statue, Gupta said.

Awareness was created through various means. Pamphlets were distributed at schools, colleges, hotels, eateries, etc.

Besides, campaigns were launched on Twitter, Facebook, and other social networking sites. The organisers also met T A Mohandas Pai, Human Resource Director, Infosys Technologies, who exhorted Infoscions to be part of the event.

Importantly, the march had the blessings of freedom fighters like H S Doreswamy who also flagged it off.

“It’s hard to believe that I had to take part in another Dandi March,” Doreswamy said.
While the participants were to stage a protest at the M G Statue, the Cubbon Park police prevented them from doing so as Congress activists were sitting there under a makeshift shamiana and air-coolers, protesting against the Chief Minister.

When members of the Dandi March-II asked why they were being prevented despite having the permission to stage a protest, police gave unconvincing answers.

“We did not drag the matter as we are following Gandhian principles in letter and spirit,” Gupta said.

On April 5, 2011, the members will go on a fast at the Freedom Park. “I will fast at my office and so will many others,” Gupta added.

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