Displaying a slice of reality on stage

Displaying a slice of reality on stage

Act Apart

Innovative: A performance by ‘Shiroi Hana’.

World Theatre Day’ was celebrated with a lot of pomp and festivity at Kala Soudha recently. The day long programme consisted of a host of fascinating events and saw people from all walks of life participate in it with enthusiasm. The morning began with the troupe Antharanga taking centrestage, with Ranga Geethegalu (music for

Songs like Kuni Kuni Navile and Deshabhakta set the mood for the day and the audience were even provided with some know-how on theatre tunes. The same troupe later on proceeded to perform the play Dharmasthambha. The play, tracing the history of King Ashoka’s period, asked some compelling questions about the role of politics in propagating religion and the conflicts generated in the society due to dogmatic beliefs.

Archana Shyam, the director of the play, elaborating on the concept said, “It mainly emphasises on how every human being needs to experience all stages of life — childhood, yauvana (youth) and grihastha jeevana (family life) to  ultimately attain nirvana. Foregoing even one of them leads to the complications shown in the play. Another reason for me taking up this play was because our history books only highlight the positive side of Ashoka making him a larger-than-life figure, this play questions those notions.”

Harsha Bharadwaj, an amateur actor, who was part of the Dharmasthambha team, on the importance of theatre said, “I have learnt a lot  from theatre, it teaches you a lot in life and I would recommend all youngsters to pursue it.”

The afternoon session, included an exhibition by John Devaraj called “I’m Homeless”, a collection of photographs and paintings. The proceeds of the exhibition which were given as aid for Japanese Tsunami victims. There was also a 26-minute anti-nuclear, peace ballet titled ‘Shiroi Hana’ by John Devaraj and the children of ‘Born Free Art School’, which was appreciated by all.

There was also a dance workshop in ‘Tatte Dance’ outside the auditorium for those who were keen on learning innovative dance styles. The spectacular day ended with Hosabelaku, Kala Soudha’s home production based on a movie by Rajkumar. It was an all in all entertainment package, with soulful music and over the top humorous fight sequences.The play was a big hit with the audience, who enjoyed it immensely and left the auditorium with a smile on their faces.

The entire event was a wonderful initiative to celebrate ‘World Theatre Day’ and had B V Rajaram, President of Karnataka Nataka Academy; Narendrababu, Secretary of Roopanthara and P D Satish Chandra, the director of Kala Soudha, speaking about the significance of the day.