MCC purse bulges for current fiscal

MCC purse bulges for current fiscal

Budget 2011-12: ` 419.23 cr estimated; roads to be insured, relief for sump deaths

budget: MCC Tax, Finance and Appeal Standing Committee Chairman Shivakumar presenting the budget for 2011-12, in Mysore on Tuesday. Mayor Sandesh Swamy, Deputy Mayor Pushpalatha Jagannath and MCC Commissioner K S Raykar are seen. dh photoTabling the draft for the current fiscal, MCC Tax, Finance and Appeal Standing Committee Chairman Shivakumar said that the bulging purse indicates the economic prosperity of the local body.

Saying that the opening balance is recorded at ` 773.13 lakh taking the total estimate to ` 426.96 crore, the chairman said the payments are put at ` 423.92 crore.

As tax is the major source of revenue for local bodies, the city corporation expects to generate ` 5988 lakh in the form of property tax, including the newly planned service tax from the offices of both central and state governments in the city.

Instead of levying property tax on the government owned buildings, 25 per cent of the same will be collected in the form of service tax. Accordingly, it’s intended to collect ` 100 lakh, he added. From water and UGD cess alone ` 5,700 lakh is expected.

That apart, ` 1,000.68 lakh is expected to be generated through license, ground rent, road cutting charges, betterment fee, development fee, inspection fee, connection, completion report, penalty and fine to name a few.

Taking cognisance of traders not possessing required license, besides conducting business in revenue layouts making optimum use of the facilities created by the corporation, it has been decided to impose fine (that could be three times more of the fee) generating ` 300 lakh.

The recent decision to revise the rent of MCC owned buildings, guarantees about ` 410 lakh, followed by ` 170 lakh from advertisement tax and ` 265 lakh from the dispose of MCC owned assets.

As for the grant in form of aid, State Finance Commission (SFC) is expected to award ` 2,666 lakh, followed by ` 3,604 lakh towards electricity charges from State Government, ` 2,569 lakh salary grant from the government, against total staff expenditure recorded at ` 4,243.69 lakh. The MCC itself has to bear the additional expenditure. However, to evade the burden, a request has been sent to the government through State Finance Commission and the chairman of the third finance commission has replied in positive. If it becomes a reality, ` 1,344 aid will flow into MCC’s chest.

From the elected representatives local area development fund (LAD), a revenue of ` 375 lakh is expected, while from the different projects taken up under the ambitious Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission (JnNURM)  ` 1,1236 lakh is expected.

Expected revenue

* Property tax: ` 5,988 lakh
* Water cess:  ` 5,700 lakh
* Other fee:  ` 1,000.68 lakh
* Penalty fee:  ` 300 lakh
* Rent revision:  ` 140 lakh
* Advertisement:  `170 lakh
* Assets sale:  `265 lakh
* SFC Grant:  `2,666 lakh
* Electricity:  ` 3,604 lakh
* Salary grant:  ` 2,569 lakh
* LAD Fund:  ` 375 lakh
* JnNURM:  ` 11,236 lakh

For others

* B/w classes, minorities:
` 800 lakh
* Upcoming Poets: ` two lakh
* Wrestlers: ` two lakh
* Parks: ` 450 lakh
* Stray animals: ` 148 lakh
* Chikkagadiyaara: ` 29 lakh
* Water: ` 300 lakh
* Swimming Pool: ` 100 lakh
* UGD: `1,400 lakh
* Six Zonal Offices: ` 300  lakh
* Devanur lake: ` 300 lakh
* Founder’s Day: ` five lakh
* Government Guest House: ` two crore


For shelterless,who have made pavements in the city their bed during night hours, MCC plans to rehabilitate them constructing houses making use of ` 200 lakh grant in aid of the State Government. MCC has also earmarked ` 10 lakh for the project. This follows a survey of such people conducted in the previous year, in the wake of a directive from the chief secretary to the government.