'Improve awareness on heritage buildings'

'Improve awareness on heritage buildings'

Regional Director, Archaeological Survey of India, Dr S V Venkateshaiah shares a point with Prof Mahadevaiah at the inauguration of ‘Heritage Club’, in Mysore recently. Head, Ancient History and Archaeology Department, UoM, Prof M V Krishnappa, Deputy Director, Heritage Department, Dr G V Gayatri and Prof N S Rangaraju are also seen. Dh photo

He was speaking at the inauguration of ‘Heritage Club’ at the Department of Ancient History and Archaeology at the University of Mysore, here on Tuesday. A lecture on the importance of conserving memorials was also held on the sidelines.

Continuing he said that discussions about tangible and intangible heritage is also needed. Furthermore, he mentioned that awareness among students should be increased to a larger extent with the formation of such heritage clubs.

In addition to the 236 heritage buildings in the city, Prof Rangaraju pointed out that there are 15 palaces. Of these, one palace built by Tipu Sultan has been demolished due to ignorance, he added. While the remaining 14 palaces were built by the Wadiyars, there is still a lot to be learnt from these structures, he added.

Prof Rangaraju said that Yelwala Residency, which was earlier the writers’ home of the University of Mysore is one of the palaces that is in ruins. He said that palace comes under the purview of the Forest Department; but they are not taking any steps to retain the building in its former glory, he added.

Commending the involvement of students in reviving folk tradition and folk dances, he said that such a commitment is also needed to conserve the ‘built heritage; in the city.